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Russell Grimes has over 30+ years of experience when it comes to commercial construction in the greater Dallas, TX area. It’s important to understand a few things as you search for your next partner on your building project.

1. General contractors in Dallas aren’t required to be licensed.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’ve relocated to Dallas you may be surprised to learn that Texas doesn’t require licensure for general contractors and this creates a very low barrier to entry for builders getting into the business. While less regulation can often be a good thing, this has led to many commercial construction projects that have resulted in great loss for the owner. Since there are zero requirements for general contractors Dallas to be licensed, make sure they have some of these additional things in place to secure your confidence.

2. Does the general contractor in Dallas belong to building industry trade associations?

Reputable trade associations offer memberships to set Dallas general contractors apart, and these require a significant financial commitment on the part of the construction company. Memberships to the top construction trade associations require annual dues in the thousands, so if your general contractor is not a member of these, consider why they aren’t willing to invest in your confidence. Additionally, apart from the financial “skin in the game” that is demonstrated through membership each general contractor will agree to best practices, continuing education, and a code of ethical standards in order to maintain good standing. Grimes Development is pleased to subscribe to these policies, and has been an upstanding member (and leader) in many trade associations dedicated to serving general contractors in Dallas as well as local consumers. Ask them for a list of construction organizations and they will gladly supply any details.

3. What kind of experience and tenure can they demonstrate from completed projects?

As mentioned, there are now thousands of general contractors in Dallas, TX due to our significant growth and influx of new residents. This demand has sparked lots of commercial building activity to keep up with demand, but it has also incentivized general contractors to pursue bigger projects in hopes of higher profitability. Building a home is a far different process than constructing a commercial property. A myriad of legal, zoning, material, and financial issues come into play that can quickly catch an inexperienced general contractor in Dallas off guard. The is no reason to risk potentially thousands (if not millions) of dollars on an inexperienced general contractor. Instead, ask to see their portfolio of completed building projects and ask about each one. You will quickly learn of the depth and breadth that Grimes Development possesses when it comes to being the general contractor of choice in Dallas.

What’s Next?

If you are considering a dental office, medical building, church, commercial building, or facility of any kind call Grimes Development today. You will encounter a no-pressure, consultative approach that will answer questions and offer recommendations. There is never a charge to share your building project ideas, and most people find that 15 minutes on the phone with Russell Grimes saves them months of time and thousands of dollars through discovering a clarified path toward their true goals.

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